Let's Win

Augmented Reality Game to find 2 million riyals distributed around the Kingdom in 35 different location


From 04/01/2024 till 04/03/2024

Eligibility Criteria

1- Kids who has digital wallet in the application
2- Parents who has wallet and their kids have wallets  
3- Anyone can use the link to invite the kids to open wallets


1.Riyadh - Riyadh Front.
2.Riyadh - Al-waha Park.
3.Riyadh - Boulevard Riyadh City.
4.Riyadh - U Walk.
5.Al-Kharj - Boulevard Aljameah.
6.Jeddah - Jeddah Corniche  
7.Jeddah - Red sea Mall.
8.Jeddah - Prince Majed Park.
9.Dammam - Southern Dammam Corniche
10.Al Khobar - Ajdan Walk
11.Al Khobar - Khobar City Walk
12.Abha – Art Street.
13.Khamis Mushait - Boulevard
14.Hail – AlSalam Park.
15.Mecca – Alnaseem Walkaway.
16.Al Madinah Al Munawwarah - King Fahad park.
17.Al Madinah Al Munawwarah - Jadat Quba
18.Unayzah - The Boulevard Unayzah
19.Unayzah - Aldoha Park
20.Buraydah - King Abdullah Park.
21.Al-Taif - Al Rudaf Park.
22.Al-Taif - Al Faisaliyah Park.
23.Al Hofuf - King Abdullah Park.
24.Al Hafof - The Walk.
25.Hafar Al Batin - Alnahdha Park.
26.Najran - King Fahad Park.
27.Yanbu - Yanbu Industrial Waterfront.
28.Al Qurayyat - Alghazali Paril.
29.Sakaka - Alkhozama Park.
30.Arar – Flowers Park.
31.Bisha - King Abdullah Park.
32.Jazan - Northern Jazan Corniche
33.Al Bahah - Prince Hussam Park
34.Tabuk - Tabuk Park
35.Tabuk - Boulevard Tabuk.

Terms and Conditions

  • The parent can participate in the game once for each kid linked with his wallet.
  • The kids can participate in the game once if he is verified by his parent.
  • The inviter can participate in the game multiple times (once for each invited kid)
  • Kids wallet must be verified by his parent to enable the customer who referred him to play and complete KYC
  • urpay application must be allowed to track whoever receives the link
  • General urpay terms & conditions apply